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Bishop Freddy & Dr. Pamala Washington
Worldwide Outreach Restoration & Deliverance Church, Inc.
Penns Grove, NJ
The Worldwide Outreach Restoration &
Deliverance Church, Inc.

Who Are We?

We are an exciting, engaging, life-changing community of believers divinely
called and separated from the world, baptized on the profession of our faith in
Jesus Christ, united in covenant for worship and Christian service, under the
supreme authority of Jesus Christ, whose Word is our only law and rule in all
matters of faith and practice.

Our Purpose/Mission

We are called to be the continuation of His Mission, the amplification of His
message, and the extension of His works; in order to bring people to Jesus Christ
(Connect Them To Jesus), and membership into His Family (Connect Them To
Others), equip them for their ministry in the Church (Connect Them To A
Component Ministry or Cell Group), and life mission in the world (Connect Them
To Outreach and World Evangelism).

Our Vision

Our vision is to fulfill the Great Commandments and the Great Commission,
reaching multi-ethnic people who need salvation and are seeking Jesus Christ,
brokenhearted, lonely, abandoned, poor, rich, oppressed, possessed, neglected or
otherwise; leading them to become fully developing followers of Jesus Church.

Our Core Values

We value CLARITY - The Word of God will be clearly preached and taught in a
language that everyone can understand and apply to their life.

We value CREATIVITY - We choose to plan with excellence and relevance to
meet the needs of our multi-culture in innovative, creative ways.

We value COMMUNITY - We seek to build authentic and loving relationships,
to connect people to component ministries and small cell groups, having becoming
committed to the congregation, encouraging them to live and grow together in the
community of holiness and faith.