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Pastor H. Lee Jordan Jr.......... 
Began his preaching pilgrimage under the leadership of Pastor Stephen Richardson on June 20, 1993.

 Ordained at the age eighteen, it became abundantly clear that God’s favor was upon this young man’s life. God was getting him ready for the work he had in store for him. Pastor Jordan began carrying out the call placed on his life by traveling throughout the city and country as a guest evangelist, preacher, spiritual motivational speaker, and even a music facilitator. 
After earning his Bachelor of Arts degree in Theology from Chelsea University of London, U. K., Pastor H. Lee has become quite the man of balance. He is a loving husband of Tia, devoted father of Henry III and Layla, Pastor, Preacher, Community Leader, Songwriter, and Musician to name a few. 
In May of 1997, he began his Pastorate at the Cornerstone Baptist Church of Chicago, IL, as Vice-Pastor to his father the late Rev. Henry Jordan, Sr. Upon the untimely death of Pastor Jordan Sr., September 27, 2007 H. Lee became the Senior Pastor of CBC. Knowing the shoes he was to fill at that time, he took the mantle running on fire for the Lord. 
God within his perfect will still had a plan and another assignment destined for Pastor Jordan Jr. On January 20, 2010, H. Lee Jordan Jr. became Pastor of the Greater Faith Church- Baptist in Waukegan, IL. Honored and humbled to serve great people connected to a nationally known pulpit, Pastor Jae has continued to build upon the integrity and established legacy of GFC. Week after week, he articulates messages with the purpose to navigate believers into living Christ quality lives while also encouraging non-believers that believing in Christ is the only way to inherit eternal life. 
This is just the beginning of the ministerial influence and innovation that Pastor H. Lee Jordan, Jr. has throughout the Lake County area. He is the recipient of the Drum Major and The Harombee Award, serves as a Commissioner on the Lake County Housing Board, as well as the Lake County C.A.P. Policy Council. A true visionary for change, he believes personal involvement is the key to establishing spiritual commitment. Encouraging believers to never settle, he teaches on how developing the right attitude not only promotes spiritual growth, but also helps to facilitate the process of taking your faith, prayer, giving, worship, and praise to the next level.
Rev. H. Lee Jordan, Jr, Pastor
Greater Faith Baptist Church
Waukegan, Illinois